Responsible Business

Our commitment to doing business the right way

We take our responsibilities to the environment and the communities in which we operate very seriously. These are often referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR. We believe that these responsibilities can impact positively on profitability, returns to shareholders, reputation and growth.

High standards of responsibility are, in our view, compatible with growth and business efficiency. We put particular emphasis on ensuring that our management of social, environmental and economic issues is aligned and integrated with the overall management of the business and we call this ‘responsible business’.

We fully endorse and align our responsible business programs with our parent company’s own responsible business policy.

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Ensuring excellent business practice across the IMI Group

The most consistent factor in IMI’s longstanding business success has been our commitment to a guiding set of values that exemplify how employees behave. Wherever anyone works in the IMI Group and whenever an IMI employee is encountered, you can expect to see these values at work:

  • IMI people pursue excellence and deliver results
  • IMI people innovate and provide value to our customers
  • IMI people act with integrity

In 2009 IMI formalised these values into a code of responsible business entitled “The IMI Way”. We believe that it is vital for our future business performance that we continue, as a Group to engage in the values and behaviours that set IMI apart. This code is a guide to help all employees consistently demonstrate their commitment to The IMI Way throughout our worldwide operations. It has been translated into over 25 languages and is available to download on the IMI plc website at:

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Environmental Commitment

Newman Hattersley’s ISO 14001 Accreditation & 18001

Newman Hattersley was accredited to ISO 14001 in 2005 and 18001 in 2010. This accreditation covers all environmental aspects of our manufacturing processes and extends to the environmental impact of our routine operations as highlighted in our environmental policy.


Our commitment to doing business the right way

Our aim is to create the safest possible environment for all Staff, visitors and non-employees whilst in the workplace. At a minimum, we meet or exceed all health & safety laws and regulations.

  • All employees, visitors and non-employees understand their responsibilities with regard to health & safety and adhere to our expectations.
  • Immediately report any potential unsafe or harmful situations.
  • Identify and address risk in our operations and associated hazards to provide safe working conditions.
  • Monitor and investigate accidents and near misses to identify root causes and prevent further occurrences.
  • Alignment of company operations with good health & safety practices throughout IMI businesses.
  • Communicate and seek advice from the relevant regulatory authorities or IMI group risk management.
  • Use opportunities for health & safety to improve & ensure the safety of our products to our customers.
  • If you would like to receive a copy of our Accessibility Standard or any information from our website in a more accessible format, please contact us at 905-678-1240 Ext. 1200 or
  • All feedback, including complaints, will be accepted and reviewed by our management team and responded to within 30 days of receipt.