Our Culture

At NHL, our people are experienced and focused on the industry. We have a diverse group of individuals who bring various skillsets to their roles. Our people are driven, enthusiastic and are on top of their game. NHL wants all employees to set and meet individual career objectives while making a valuable contribution to the company as a whole.

Diversity, Equity and Fairness for our Employees

At NHL, diversity is at the core of our business – a mix of backgrounds, experiences, talents and perspectives that add to our collective value. We are committed to an equitable workplace where everyone can realize their full potential with equal access to opportunities.

Diversity at NHL means:

Dignity and respect for all employees

  • Openess to different perspectives and approaches, including those brought by race, gender, family status, age, physical abilities, education, place of origin and communication styles
  • Strategies to allow employees to share and discuss diverse views
  • Encouragement of ALL employees to reach their fullest potential

Safety is integral to our working environment and NHL believes that all employees should have the right to a safe injury-free workplace. To ensure this:

NHL has a Health and Safety Commitee led by Members of Management
ISO 14001 Environmental Safety Standards are in place and updated as required
OHSAS 18001 Certification

Work/Life Balance
At NHL, we are considerate of work/life balance and strive for our employees to be able to effectively integrate their work/home and community life.

Growth Opportunities
As NHL grows and expands, we wish for our employees to grow and expand with us. Our goal is to offer our people careers that expand their horizons and fulfill each individual’s full potential.

We believe that all employees need challenging and meaningful opportunities that expand their minds and career horizons. We encourage our employees to choose their own learning path to develop and manage their own careers.

We offer on-going Learning Workshops to all our employees. We encourage full participation in educational off-site training that focus on strategies and tools that will empower our employees to be prepared to tackle challenges in and out of the workplace.

NHL is committed to offering our employees competitive, comprehensive pay and benefit programs.