History of NHL

Newman Hattersley’s history dates back to the mid 1970’s when our parent company, based in the UK, needed to increase Canadian content in bellows sealed valves supplied to Ontario Hydro for new build projects in Pickering and Darlington and Bruce.

In the 1990’s, in order to supply to the CANDU reactors in Korea (Wolsong) and in China (Qinshan), Newman Hattersley diversified our product line to include ball valves, butterfly valves, pressure reducing devices, and miniature globe and needle valves. The company swiftly grew to over 30 employees.

In the late 1990’s, NHL was acquired by Charles Baynes PLC, a group which also included Thompson Valves of UK. The group became privately traded and repositioned as the Truflo group.

In 2006, IMI Plc of the UK acquired the Truflo group of companies. Since then, Newman Hattersley currently has been operating under IMI Nuclear Divison as part of the Severe Service division of IMI.

NHL is a proud member of the IMI Nuclear Division, also comprising of  the CCI Valve technologies. CCI has developed unique and innovative products for the nuclear industry including CCI DRAG® severe service control valves, QuickTrac® digital valve actuation, System Medium Actuated High Energy Isolation Valves and Safety and Pressure Relief Valves. CCI advanced valves offer technical breakthroughs that support next generation reactor objectives such as 40+ years IEEE qualified electrical components and reduction in active control sub-component quantity by 50% or more.

NHL has delivered products and solutions to clients worldwide and have improved performance, solved supply issues, provided spare parts, refurbished installed components and reduced the cost of operating nuclear facilities. NHL can help you solve your valve problems today.